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About Us

We are Anne Gouldsbrough and David Lecky-Thompson. We came to live in Leros in 2005 (from the UK) and had a house built for us in Krithoni. We decided to sell it (and build another house) a few years later and so we put together our own website.

Other people asked if they could advertise their properties on our website and so, over the years, we have grown into a small business. We have lived here full time for 17 years and pride ourselves on having good relationships with local people.

Recently we have worked closely with the family business of Koumbaros and Sons, based in Alinda, because of their experience in building houses and their knowledge of the process of buying and selling property on the island. (For more information, see their website Koumbaros and Sons – Homeland Construction here.)

We are pleased to include below an unsolicited testimonial from clients from France who purchased a property in Alinda in 2018:

Un témoignage de nos clients satisfaits

house sold in Alinda

Nous recherchions une maison sur Leros. Nous avons consulté un certain nombre de sites d'agences en Janvier 2018 et avons pris rapidement contact avec trois agences. Leros Home a immédiatement répondu. Par la suite et pendant plusieurs semaines nous avons échangé par mail afin de préciser notre demande. Anne et David ont été à l'écoute et ont répondu à tous nos questionnements.

Dès la 1ere semaine d'avril nous avons pu visiter des biens qu'ils avaient sélectionnés pour nous. Lors de ces visites, nous étions accompagnés de Takis, contact local de l'agence, qui nous a éclairé et accompagné sur les démarches administratives. Grâce à eux nous avons pu signer l'acte notarié pour la réservation de la maison, le matin même de notre retour. Et sur la dernière semaine de Juin nous étions les heureux propriétaires d'une jolie maison.

Durant notre absence, Leros Home a facilité toutes les démarches en nous informant très régulièrement de leur avancement.

Un grand merci à toute l'équipe qui nous a accompagné dans la réalisation de notre projet et de notre installation.

Alain et Hélène

Testimonial from our happy customers

We were looking for a house in Leros. We consulted a number of property websites in January 2018 and quickly made contact with three agencies. Leros Home immediately responded. Subsequently and for several weeks we exchanged emails to clarify what we were looking for. Anne and David listened and responded to all our questions.

As early as the first week of April we were able to visit some properties they had selected for us. During these visits, we were accompanied by Takis, local contact of the agency, who was able to explain all the administrative procedures. Thanks to them we were able to sign the notarial act for the reservation of the home on the last day of our trip. And in the last week of June we were the happy owners of a pretty house.

During our absence, Leros Home kept us informed of the progress at every stage.

A big thank you to all the team who accompanied us in the realization of our project and for helping us settle in our new home.

Alain and Hélène